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Business Alignment Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “BIZ”) operates the business as a distributor and installer of medical equipment for cancer treatment through radiotherapy by importing the equipment from leading manufacturers specializing in equipment and technology of cancer treatment. Maintenance services is also provided for the aforementioned medical equipment. The Company’s main customer is university-affiliated hospitals, cancer hospitals under the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, other government hospitals, healthcare agencies, and private hospitals. 

The Company is the treatment delivery exclusive distributor of Thailand for Varian Medical Systems Inc. and its affiliated companies. Varian Medical Systems Inc. is a globally recognized and trusted manufacturer of advanced medical equipment and software systems for cancer treatment. The Company has been entrusted as the exclusive distributor for over 20 years, providing treatment delivery, treatment planning system, oncology information system, quality assurance software for treatment plans. In addition, the Company has other international suppliers such as IBA Dosimetry GmbH in Germany, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. in USA, Xstrahl Limited in UK, Deltabit Oy in Finland, Vision RT Ltd. in UK, Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc. (CIRS) in USA, Radiation Product Design, Inc. in USA, and Ashland Inc. in USA. These suppliers provide high-quality and widely accepted equipment by medical professions both domestically and internationally. 

The Company’s main product is treatment delivery, particularly Linear Accelerator, which is the essential equipment used in cancer treatment through teletherapy. This equipment is significant and valuable. Additionally, the Company acts as a Solution Provider, taking responsibility for sourcing comprehensive equipment and services to ensure efficient utilization of treatment delivery. Therefore, the Company’s role includes sourcing since the construction, upgrading radiation rooms to meet standards, and sourcing other necessary equipment to complement treatment delivery for enhancing the treatment process. The aforementioned equipment includes a treatment planning system, an oncology information system, a quality assurance and pretreatment verification tool, as well as other accessory equipment. The Company also provides maintenance service to maintain the performance and longevity of the treatment delivery and related equipment. 

BIZGENES, genetic testing, which is a health screening kit by examining DNA at a deep level. It allows individuals to choose specific tests according to their requirement for the personal healthcare. 

The genetic testing kit

related to lifestyle and living habits can be used to customize dietary, vitamin intake, exercise routines, and various aspects of health care for the long-term quality of life and good health. 

The risk of various diseases

such as heart and vascular diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer, can be predicted for appropriate healthcare. 

The risk of hereditary diseases

such as cancer, heart disease, and vascular diseases, can also be detected.

Inherited genetic

diseases that effected the family planning, such as Thalassemia and G6PD deficiency.

The response to various medications

to ensure the effectiveness of drug usage and minimize side effects.


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